We were already very much aware of Ariana Grande's talent for mimicry after her past appearances on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' showed her perfecting some of the world's most iconic female singing voices, but now she's gone a step further, bringing her talent to 'Saturday Night Live' and absolutely nailing Jennifer Lawrence.

Ariana GrandeAriana Grande does the best J-Law

'The Hunger Games' star doesn't exactly have the most distinctive of voices or mannerisms, but that didn't stop Ariana Grande imitating her perfectly on the Family Feud sketch of 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend (March 12th 2015). She got that husky pitch down to an absolute tee as she insisted that she was 'a regular person' and talking about her love of junk food which, let's face it, is SO Jennifer.

And that's not all we heard from Grande over the course of the show. She played a shy intern for Tidal in another segment, whereby she was forced to take the mic and imitate a series of singers when the power goes down. She did Britney Spears ('Baby One More Time'), Shakira ('Whenever, Wherever') and Celine Dion ('It's All Coming Back To Me Now'), which, of course, you might remember her doing on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' some time ago, but as a huge bonus she also did Rihanna ('Work') and Whitney Houston ('I Will Always Love You') - the latter of which had little comedy value, and just served to show exactly how impressive Grande's pipes really are.

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If you weren't aware of her Jimmy Fallon appearance, she did a series of unusual song choices in the style of several different female singers. There was 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' as Britney, 'Can't Feel My Face' as Celine, and even 'The Wheels On The Bus' as Christina Aguilera.

It shouldn't be too surprising, given that Grande is first and foremost an actress having starred in Nickelodeon's 'Victorious' and its spin-off 'Sam & Cat' as a teenager. We're definitely looking forward to hearing more incredible impressions from the 'Lover Me Harder' singer.