Ariana Grande thinks girls are to blame for the way she is treated by the press.

The 'Love Me Harder' hitmaker has admitted she believes women are to blame for the way female celebrities are scrutinised, because they judge each other so harshly.

She explained: ''Girls are one of the biggest problems. A girl can be seen with a guy and suddenly she's a sl*t.

''I feel we live in a world where girls will sometimes sl*t-shame each other because they're seen wearing a short skirt.

''Maybe they just love their legs and want to show them off. Know what I mean?''

The 21-year-old singer - who split from her rapper boyfriend Big Sean earlier this year - revealed she has overcome personal insecurities caused by ''superficial'' media scrutiny in recent months, which has made her feel ''really healthy''.

She said: ''Instead of getting wrapped up in this superficial bulls**t that comes with this job, I've separated myself from my artist persona and as a person I've become really healthy. And I don't give a f**k.''

However, Ariana confessed the pressure to be perfect and her public break-up with Big Sean did leave her questioning the value of her life.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''There were days where I feel like I don't want to be in the world.

''I was like, 'Shhh!' But I feel like I'm not down right now.''