Ariana Grande says she's a shopaholic.

The 'Love Me Harder' hitmaker, who has an estimated fortune of $12 million, is addicted to buying clothes even though she rarely ends up wearing any of her impulse purchases.

The 21-year-old star said: ''I love snuggling up in bed and watching 'Orange Is the New Black' [while] being on or But I also love going to stores. That's more dangerous though, because I will buy everything and use nothing.''

Ariana is known for her trademark ponytail, but thinks everyone should feel comfortable to experiment more.

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''We're all different, so I think, 'Do whatever the hell you want!' Everyone should be able to express themselves with hair, make-up, fashion, art music, and it should all be accepted - and celebrated.''

Asked what her spirit animal is, she said: ''It's a seahorse because they're so little and cute, and because I love water.''

The brunette beauty recently released her debut fragrance, Ari, and claims her brother, Frankie Grande, is a huge fan.

She said: ''My brother wears it. It's for everyone.

''My favourite note in the fragrance is marshmallow. It's so good! I don't eat them often, though, because I'm vegan, and the vegan ones are not as tasty as the regular ones I ate when I was younger.''