Ariana Grande has been made an honorary citizen of Manchester after the success of her One Love benefit concert, raising money for victims of the terrorist attack in the city at one of her concerts. The concert was held a mere 13 days after the shock attack killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena.

Ariana Grande At The AMA's, 2016

Ariana Grande at the AMA's

Councillors voted unanimously in favour ofthe move, with Grande becoming the first person to be made an honorary citizen of the English city. Council leader Richard Leese said prior to the vote: "It would have been understandable if [Grande] had never wanted to see this place again.

"But she determined that she would not perform again until she had returned to Manchester. In doing so she brought comfort to thousands, she raised millions for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. That's why I propose Ariana Grande is made the first honorary citizen of Manchester."

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 Grande helped raised almost £3 million with the One Love concert at Old Trafford cricket ground on the 4th of June following the suicide bombing of Salman Abedi at the end of her Dangerous Woman concert. The singer was able to bring in many pop alumni to the event, including the likes of Coldplay, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

Ariana Grande Performs At Her One Love Benefit Concert

Ariana Grande performs at the One Love Concert

 Following the devastating attacks, Grande met with victim's families, as well as visiting a number of injured children whilst they remained in hospital. Ward Sister Lorraine Hulme, who was working on the night of the atrocity, said at the meeting: "I feel extremely proud to be part of such an outstanding team".

Honorary citizenship is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon someone and is a move rarely seen, with only four people having received the honour since the turn of the millennium.

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As the Grande world tour continues after a brief hiatus, the Associated Press stated that authorities in Costa Rice had arrested a 22 year-old man from Colombia who was suspected of threatening the stage in Alajuela over the weekend. The concert went ahead without incident. While British police last week confirmed that they had arrested a 19 year-old man as they continue their investigation into the original attack.