Ariana Grande has revealed her scary near death experience during the opening night of her Honeymoon tour last year. Appearing on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ the 22-year-old described how she literally almost died, when she was nearly crushed by a moving part of the stage.

Ariana GrandeAriana Grande had a scary near-death experience during her ‘Honeymoon’ tour.

"Opening night of my Honeymoon tour I almost died," Grande told Carr. "For real, I'm not exaggerating. I usually exaggerate, but I'm not. You know how they have those toaster things where people come up from the stage and you pop up?”

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“Something happened with mine and I was singing the beginning of 'Love Me Harder' and I was going up on the thing, and long story short, the thing I was standing on had this wooden plank and it snapped!”

In order to survive the pint-sized singer said she had to ‘Superman’ herself to safety. "The thing was still going up so I was being pushed against the stage, and it was some Indiana Jones s--t, and it was really scary;” Grande continued.

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“I had to Superman myself out of the thing, and my guitar guy helped me get out, and then I went on stage a different way. It was really scary.” Fellow guest Jimmy Carr then said: "It sounds like you were in the trash compacter in Star Wars." To which Grande responded: "Yes, yes! I was Carrie Fisher in the trash compactor."