Ariana Grande's new album is an ''evolution''.

The 'Break Free' hitmaker is looking forward to releasing her new LP and feels it is her best yet.

She shared: ''It's my best album yet. It's like an evolution. It's like a progression and it feels very me, but it feels like a more evolved version. It's a little more forward.''

The 22-year-old beauty - who shot to fame after the release of his 2013 album 'Yours Truly' - also opened up about dealing with criticism.

She told Access Hollywood: ''When I was younger, I used to get really hurt by it. because people can be very aggressive, especially on the internet when there's sort of like a wall of like, I can say whatever I want.

''I try to just take it with a grain of salt. I really try to do my best everyday with whatever I'm doing, whether it's like a performance or just whatever. I really try to do my best and that's really all I can do, so it's like if someone is upset with my hair. I really can't like get too emotionally invested.''