The Problem hitmaker's show in Hersheypark Stadium was halted within 20 minutes due to the stormy conditions and fans were kept waiting for her to return for 30 minutes, according to a local report.

Grande's show resumed but it was hit by another delay shortly after and the pop star took to to keep the audience informed of the situation.

She wrote, "Hey thunder/lightening, I usually love you but you can not rn (right now)? I needa (sic) finish this show for my babes (fans). Thanks, Ari... they just explained to me it'd be a serious safety hazard to continue like this. hoping it passes asap. please please stay safe my babes... first outdoor show & of course there's a thunderstorm from hell... praying they let me back on stage. I needa (sic) finish this show for my bbs (babes).

"Just got word.... !!!! raining like hell but they're gonna let me back on stage. I'm so happy. let's do it! before the lightning comes back."

Grande managed to complete the concert, and she thanked fans for their patience and support, writing, "Most memorable show yet. I'll nevvver (sic) forget this. damn. I love y'all so so much. our bond is ridiculous. so so thankful."