Ariana Grande has teased a snippet of a new track online.

The '7 Rings' hitmaker posted a brief clip of her angelic vocals on Instagram, and at the time of writing, it's already had over five million views.

She simply captioned the post: ''brb.''

What's more, the pop superstar appeared to tweet some lyrics before she posted the teaser video.

She wrote: ''know my love infinite nothing that i won't do (sic).''

Ariana's last album was 2019's 'Thank U, Next'.

The 27-year-old Grammy-winner has released two hit duets this year, 'Stuck With U' with Justin Bieber and 'Rain On Me' with Lady GaGa.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting on her Doja Cat collaboration.

The 'God Is A Woman' hitmaker previously teased: She said: ''I'm obsessed with her. I love her.

''I was able to work with her earlier this year on this song that I want to save for whenever it's time again, to drop.

''But I love her so much. I love her personality.

''I love what she brings to the table musically.

''She's just such a breath of fresh air.

''I think she's brilliant and so talented.

''And she produces, and she does everything herself.

''I love that. It's fantastic.

''We did this song together towards the end of last year and I love it so much.

''I remember when I first wrote it and sent it to her, she was in the shower and she was like, 'B**ch, I love this. I'm in the shower.'

''And I was like, 'Shower. You can call me back.'''