The Lone Ranger star teams up with Henry Cavill for Ritchie's adaptation of the hit 1960s TV series, and they shot part of the movie in southern Italy, where the filmmaker set up big tents for his cast and crew to relax in in between scenes.

Hammer reveals they were also treated to delicious meals each day as Ritchie wasn't impressed with the typical movie catering and decided to buy fresh catch off the local fishermen to have grilled up for his company.

The actor recalls, "It was the best. In this case you're doing a movie with Guy Ritchie who... everybody here has seen a Guy Ritchie movie, they're familiar with his sense of style and what he brings to the movie, but what you don't realise is that same sense of fun and style that he brings to his movies, he also brings to his personal life.

"So when you're sitting around on set, you're sitting in like, a yurt, with guitars hanging on the walls, beautiful chairs and you're sitting in the most comfortable things! And then you go down to the Amalfi Coast, and you're shooting in Naples and it's like, they try to hand you lunch in a... Styrofoam tray and he (Ritchie) will go, 'What the cuss is this. Love, you're not eating that, put that down.'

"Then we'll go over to the local fishermen and be like, 'What did you catch today...? We'll take that and that and that, but you've got to go cook it.' And they'll go cook it and bring it back, and we'll have a white tablecloth put down and we'll have wine. It was unreal."