Armie Hammer says being tall has hampered his acting career.

The 'J. Edgar' star towers above most people at 6ft 5in and he believes his height has discouraged certain directors from casting him alongside shorter actors.

During an appearance on chat show 'Conan' on Monday night (08.07.13), the towering star said: ''This (my height) kept me from getting jobs for a long time. I was too tall to play the young version of whoever, too big for this and that and too tall to stand next to whoever.''

Despite his loftiness, Armie enjoys riding around on a small Vespa scooter because he appreciates the comedy value of his diminutive ride.

He said: ''It's really funny. When someone does honk or does yell [when I pass them in traffic], then you stand up and you're 6ft 5in and you look at them and you go, 'Do you really want to wreck your day by getting your ass kicked by someone on a Vespa?' And it tends to shut them up.''

Armie plays the title role in upcoming Western movie 'The Lone Ranger' - in which he appears with Johnny Depp and is based on the 1950s TV series of the same name.