The problem with awards season is that it always happens when the weather is still bitterly cold and everyone is trying not to catch the flu. For Armie Hammer, he was unlucky enough to fall ill ahead of the Oscars, but that didn't stop him turning up on the red carpet.

Armie Hammer at the Breitling RoadshowArmie Hammer at the Breitling Roadshow

The 31-year-old wasn't going to miss the movie night of the year, especially when his new film 'Call Me By Your Name' was up for Best Picture, Best Actor, Original Song and Original Screenplay - the latter of which the film actually won.

His journey to the red carpet at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles with his wife Elizabeth Chambers yesterday (March 4th 2018) was not an easy one, of course. In fact, only hours before the ceremony, he posted a shot of himself hooked up to an IV drip while laying on his couch.

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Assuming correctly that he'd need all his strength for the evening, he also stayed at home to rest rather than attend the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, while his wife kept him hydrated with chicken soup and pedialyte.

'I may be too sick to be at the Indie Spirit Awards, but thanks to Elizabeth Chambers I am toasting you guys with pedialyte and chicken soup! Go get em guys', he wrote on Instagram.

It all certainly seemed to do the trick as he made it through the night on Sunday. We certainly would too if we had a custom Giorgio Armani suit waiting for us and had just been through days of expensive and painful beauty treatments.

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Recently Elizabeth posted a shot of their baby Ford comforting their 3-year-old daughter Harper who appeared to also be down with a stomach bug. 'Stomach bug: 3 - Hammer fam: 1. Almost everyone down for the count', she wrote.