Armie Hammer has recently made waves with his charismatic and compelling role in romantic film 'Call Me By Your Name', but there was a time when the actor was very close to bringing yet another version of the World's Greatest Detective, Batman to the big screen.

Armie Hammer could have been the Dark KnightArmie Hammer could have been the Dark Knight

Part of George Miller's 'Justice League: Mortal', the star thought he was onto a winner taking on the role of the Dark Knight, but the film was cancelled before it ever really got off the ground. Shoots took place, with those involved - which also included D.J. Cortona as Superman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman and Adam Brody as The Flash - rehearsing their lines, but one day the plug was pulled. Instead of 'Mortal' running alongside Zack Snyder's 'Watchmen', it was tossed aside.

Speaking with IMDb at this year's Sundance, Hammer explained how he managed to trick the film's producers into thinking he'd handed everything from his time during shoots in following the movie's cancellation, but he had in fact kept a copy of Michele and Kieran Mulroney's script.

He said: "It was amazing we were down in Australia for like a month or two months doing shoots, doing rehearsals in the suits, all the characters in their suits, and then we get a call one day from the producers saying we need everyone to come in and bring all of your materials, bring your scripts, bring your notes, bring everything, and we were like ‘ok, ok’ and we show up. They had big bins and they were like ‘Put it all in here’ and I was like ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, sure.’ I quickly snuck a CD out of my computer put it in my back pocket turned it all in and I managed to basically steal a script but other than that I had nothing to show for it. I’m sure there’s pictures floating around somewhere with all of us in our costumes but yeah you know the tax budget all kinda went away in Australia and then the government had a huge reform and they sent us home."

Despite Hammer's insistance that photographs probably exist, there's hardly any evidence of 'Mortal' ever being underway. In fact, if the script ever did make its way into the public eye, it could make for some major talk amongst the DC fan base. Following the lukewarm reception to the DC Extended Universe's 'Justice League' at the end of 2017, it would be very interesting to see how 'Mortal' would have been received.

Though Hammer wasn't a part of the film that eventually did make its way to cinemas, there are consistent rumours that he could one day become the DCEU's version of Green Lantern. Let's keep our hopes high, as he's a fantastic actor.

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