The Social Network star found a pub in London that served up the best snacks and he became hooked on Scotch eggs, which are basically hard boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and breadcrumbs.

As a result of his pub diet he started piling on the pounds and eventually Ritchie had to step in and insist his leading man chose healthier snacks.

Hammer says, "I came to work one day and Guy had two pictures of me - one from the first day of shooting and one from that day and one from that day, and it looked like I had a fatter twin brother.

"He was like, 'Mate, you've gotta cut these Scotch eggs out; you're killing me. I'm not gonna be able to edit this movie."

Hammer claims that he supped two pints of Timothy Taylor ale and devoured four Scotch eggs a day in his favourite London pub - but Ritchie insists the truth is closer to double that.

He tells news show Access Hollywood, "When you lost Armie to the pub he was in there for the duration."