Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a name for himself playing characters that everyday people might want to avoid but the actor took his ‘Don’t mess with persona’ one step further by playing a prank on unsuspecting tourists at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerFamed for his catchphrase "I'll Be Back" Arnie certainly did come back to life during his waxwork prank

The movie star took a detour to the museum’s make-up department and got dressed up as his most famous character, The Terminator, before posing as his own wax work.

Arnie managed to keep still long enough to take in a whole host of visitors who dutifully posed with the star, believing him to be a fake model.

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However, things took a little turn for the science fiction when the 67-year-old dropped his stiff façade and told innocent bystanders: "I am real."

Naturally, his ‘coming to life’ scared most of those who were fooled by the former California Governor, including a young baby who reportedly started to cry when he started speaking.

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Of course, Arnie didn’t undertake the prank simply to scare small children and it was all, in fact, for charity organised by the OMAZE campaign that uses celebrities to raise money for good causes.

Anyone who donated over $50,000 were entered into a competition to hang out with Mr Schwarzenegger at the premiere of Terminator: Genisys.

Donations were given to ASAS, After-School-All-Stars, a charity that provides after-school programmes to keep children safe.