Schwarzenegger plays a man seeking revenge after his wife and daughter are killed in a mid-air collision in the Darren Aronofsky-produced film, which foreign buyers snapped up on Monday (09Nov15).

Many industry experts believe 478 will help Arnie relaunch his acting career after a handful of movie misses following his stint as Governor of California, and bosses at the Highland Film Group, who are handling international sales, are thrilled with the overseas interest.

"We had very healthy responses from our buyers who reacted very quickly and aggressively to the project at the start of the market," Arianne Fraser tells The Hollywood Reporter. "With Darren Aronofsky on board it was inevitable that the film was going to draw in great interest - and we're delighted to see such a positive reaction at this early stage."

The film is currently in pre-production with Elliott Lester directing.