Arnold Schwarzenegger has been cast in 'Viy 2'.

The 69-year-old actor is set to star alongside Jason Flemyng and Jackie Chan in the sequel to the first production 'Viy', which was released in 2014, which was confirmed by producer Gleb Fetisov, although Schwarzenegger's role has yet to be unveiled.

'Viy 2', which is known as 'Journey to China: The Iron Mask Mystery', is set in the 18th century and focuses on English adventurer Jonathan Green, played by Flemyng and is set to hit the big screen in 2017.

Meanwhile, the 'Terminator' star has revealed he was told he couldn't play the lead role in films because of his Austrian accent.

Speaking previously about his voice, he said: ''I had this vision of becoming a leading man like Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson or Warren Beatty and I wanted to get into movies. So I started looking for agents and producers an studio executives and they all laughed at me. They said, Are you crazy? This is the 70s, Dustin Hoffman is the star, Al Pacino is the star, Woody Allen. They are the sex symbols of the 70s. Look at you, you have a 250 pound body, you look like a monster compared to those guys. Plus your accent.''