Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed a sequel to hit comedy Twins is in the pipeline, starring Eddie Murphy as a third mismatched brother.
The Terminator actor and Danny DeVito starred as long-lost siblings in the 1988 movie, and last month (Mar12) reports emerged suggesting bosses at Universal and Montecito Picture Co. are eyeing a follow-up.
The rumours included speculation the film will be titled Triplets and will feature Murphy as a third 'identical' brother - and now Schwarzenegger has confirmed the news.
He tells, "I would love to do another Twins. As a matter of fact, we've been talking about doing one and it's called Triplets. I'd find somebody like Eddie Murphy or someone that people would say, 'How does that happen, medically speaking?' and, 'Physically, there's no way!' Then, somehow, we would explain it.
"That would be hilarious with what we know about someone like him... I can see a poster. A billboard with us three. 'They found another one!' 'Triplets!' 'Only their mother can tell them apart!' I would do that in two seconds, because that's real entertainment."