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4th October 2015

Fact: Art Garfunkel made a rare small screen appearance on late-night TV in America last week (ends02Oct15) when he joined The Tonight Show's Black Simon & Garfunkel for a mash-up rendition of The Weeknd's I Can't Feel My Face and the real Simon & Garfunkel's The Boxer.

14th February 2014

Quote: "I would constantly sing along with my iPad - Indian chants, James Taylor, JJ Cale, the Everly Brothers... Chet Baker. If you sing in unison with them, they're perfect training wheels." Singer Art Garfunkel explains how he rehabbed his broken voice after it gave up on him in 2010.

13th February 2014

Quote: "It's an inbred, ingrown, deep friendship. Yes, there's deep love in there, but there's also s**t." Art Garfunkel on his love/hate relationship with longtime partner Paul Simon.

17th August 2012

Quote: "There's very little in the modern world that makes sense to me because it all seems to be about speed. It's all about wanting to do it faster. Faster is not always better. In fact, I think it's rarely better so I resist technology as much as I can. I mean, I look around today and see so many using speed to rush through life and get to the end faster. I'm in no rush." Veteran singer Art Garfunkel refuses to own a computer.

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