Artem Chigvintsev was ''sobbing so bad'' when his son was born.

The 'Dancing with the Stars' pro became a first-time father last month when his fiancée, Nikki Bella, gave birth to their son, and he has now admitted he found the delivery process so emotional that he couldn't stop crying.

He said: ''Oh, I was sobbing, like, so bad when [our] baby arrived. Like, I don't think people have seen a man sobbing like that. It was awful, but in the most joyful way.''

Artem, 38, said holding his son for the first time was ''incredible'', and admitted he'd love to ''relive'' the experience ''every single day''.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', he added: ''I mean, I was picking that baby up and putting him on me. And the baby, like, halfway opened his eyes and it just made me feel like, 'Oh, my God. This is the most incredible thing.' This is like the miracle that people talk about, you know? So just that whole experience, I want to relive every single day. Honestly.''

Meanwhile, 36-year-old Nikki has also been finding her first foray into motherhood emotional, as she recently said she's cried ''so many happy tears'' since giving birth to her son on July 31.

The 'Total Bellas' star wrote on Instagram: ''Thank you all so much for understanding my maternity leave. I have taken in every single second with our baby boy. And will continue to do so. I have never cried so many happy tears in my life. God truly has blessed me in the most amazing way ever! The love, goodness, it's just indescribable.''

Earlier this week, Artem revealed he feels sorry for Nikki, because their son loves to feed at nighttime so she barely gets any sleep.

He said: ''What's sleep? Do people really sleep? I really feel bad for Nicole, because he's a really good eater. So he's been on it.''

Nikki and Artem's first son was born one day before Nikki's twin sister Brie welcomed her second child, also a baby boy, with her husband Daniel Bryan.