Ash frontman Tim Wheeler is preparing to launch himself as a solo star with the release of his debut album this November (14).

The British rocker is currently working on Lost Domain, which will include tracks about his late father George's battle with Alzheimer's disease and the impact his condition, which causes severe memory loss and confusion, had on his family prior to his death in 2011.

Wheeler says, "He'd always been such a together man. It was bewildering to see him with Alzheimer's. This extremely rational person, starting to see things that weren't there and becoming very paranoid. It was awful watching him deteriorate."

The singer channelled his feelings of grief into his songwriting and the outpouring of emotions prompted him to pen a whole album about his personal troubles, with the full support of his bandmates, bassist Mark Hamilton and drummer Rick MCMurray.

He explains, "I was trying to process what had happened. In a way, despite what it's about, this album was quite easy to write, because I felt I needed to write it...

"It's definitely helped me understand what I went through. I'm glad I documented it. It was a very cathartic process. And I hope my dad would've been touched by it."

Wheeler is also hoping to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Society by donating 10 per cent of all proceeds from his solo album sales to the U.K. charity, which provides support for victims and their families.