The Foolish hitmaker had been booked to perform at Mixx Lounge at the start of the Independence Day weekend (03-05Jul15), but the show was cancelled after doors had already opened.

Mixx bosses claim the promoter at The Fame Group pulled the plug on the concert after the singer failed to attract much of a crowd, while Ashanti maintains she was all ready to make her appearance when she learned the place had been "shut down".

The conflicting statements emerged in the comments section of an post advertising the gig, after a fan reached out to club representatives to ask if the event had been closed by police.

A venue spokesperson replied, "No false... We are open the promoter felt it was light (not enough of a crowd) and he cancelled her (Ashanti)".

The singer herself later responded to the news, writing, "Sorry to all the fans... This was beyond my control I was dressed, on the way and ready to turn up (party) with you... Until the promoter contacted my team & said it was shut down & not to come... I hope at least you guys get your $ (money) back!!!"

Bosses at The Fame Group have yet to publicly comment on the cancellation.