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Joe Simpson: 'My Daughters Will Never End Up In Rehab'

JESSICA and ASHLEE SIMPSON's manager father JOE is adamant his famous daughters will never end up in rehab like their chart rival BRITNEY SPEARS. Mother-of-two Spears is currently undergoing treatment at Promises rehab facility in...

Wentz Pokes Fun At Penis Scandal

FALL OUT BOY star PETE WENTZ pokes fun at his penis-baring internet scandal in the group's new video THIS AIN'T A SCENE, IT'S AN ARMS RACE by recreating the moment he let it all hang...

Simpson Snubs Chance To Pose For Playboy

LATEST: ASHLEE SIMPSON has turned down a multi-million dollar offer to pose for famed men's magazine Playboy. The 21-year-old was offered $4 million (GBP2.2 million), but decided to not to bare all for the legendary...

Ashlee Simpson To Pose For Playboy?

ASHLEE SIMPSON has a new nose and a new look and is now considering showing it all off in the pages of Playboy, according to media reports in the US. The famous men's magazine has...

Lachapelle Slams Simpson Sisters

Photographer DAVID LaCHAPELLE has hit pop sisters JESSICA and ASHLEE SIMPSON with a $10,000 (GBP5,500) bill after they cancelled a raunchy photo shoot for Rolling Stone magazine last year (05). LaChapelle has also attacked...

Redford's Nephew Makes Debut As Music Host

Actor ROBERT REDFORD's nephew, JONATHAN REDFORD, has taken his own place in the spotlight - as one of the hosts of a new US TV music show. Jonathan will be one of...

Cowell Vows Revenge After Kutcher's Punk'd Prank

British music mogul SIMON COWELL has vowed to take revenge on ASHTON KUTCHER, after falling victim to one of his pranks on hit US TV show PUNK'D. Cowell has joined a long list of...

Interpol Flattered By Celebrity Fans

INTERPOL drummer SAM FOGARINO was left embarrassed when ASHLEE SIMPSON went backstage to congratulate him after a raucous gig - because he had no idea who she was. The New York cult rocker is...

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