Ashley Graham has clapped back at critics of her armpit hair by launching her own razors.

The 33-year-old model caused a stir when she appeared with hair under her arms, and now she has announced the release of her own Shave Set and Body Wax Kit with Flamingo in a bid to give people options whether they shave, wax or proudly leave their hair on display.

Alongside promo shots for the range, Ashley wrote on Instagram: "Remember when I didn’t shave my armpits during quarantine and people threw a fit over it? Well guess what?! I made my own RAZOR. I teamed up with @meetflamingo on a LIMITED EDITION collection of body care for the summer. I personally use my Flamingo razor when I decide to shave my armpits, keep my bikini line in tact, or (when I’m feeling extra fancy) and want to shave my legs. I that no matter if you shave or wax (or let your hair grow every now and then), they have OPTIONS. You can find the collection at,, and select Target stores nationwide (tag me in your Target pics PLEASE!!!!!). (sic)"

In a statement, she said: "My philosophy has always been: shave what you want, wax what you want, leave what you want — do what works for you."

Meanwhile, Ashley recently vowed to "never change" a thing about her body.

The catwalk beauty has been encouraging her TikTok followers to celebrate their bodies and give a shout-out to the parts of themselves they love the most.

In a recent clip, she said: "The strongest part of my body? My legs," she starts off. "The sexiest part of my body: my eyes. My favorite part of my body. My jawline lol. The most important part of my body? My smile :). The part of my body I would never change. EVERYTHING!!! (sic)"

Ashley told her fans to recreate the video and the challenge quickly took off and she got emotional seeing the clips.

She wrote on Instagram: "I'm not crying you're crying. So many beautiful people have been using my sound on TikTok to celebrate their bodies take a second today to celebrate yours!"