Ashley Graham hopes her own self-acceptance will inspire other women.

The 32-year-old model is a proponent of body positivity, and she wants all women to feel comfortable in their own skin, regardless of their shape and size.

Ashley said: ''A lot of women I speak to have image issues, body issues around confidence.

''I want them to understand that we all have things that society has told us to cover up, and why do we need to do that? So here I am with mine out and about and proud.''

Ashley was happy to reveal her stretch marks during a recent photo shoot for the Swimsuits for All brand.

And the brunette beauty has insisted she's keen for people to see her supposed flaws.

Ashley - whose photos were taken by husband Justin Ervin - told People magazine: ''There's always a question of, 'What do you want us to retouch, and what do you want us to take out?' And I said, 'Nothing,' except from a clamp holding up the DIY backdrop.

''I want everybody to know genuinely ... I want people to see who I am because everybody has a story.''

The world-famous model also admitted she's had to come to terms with her new figure since giving birth to her son Isaac in January.

She shared: ''It looks so simple and beautiful but powerful. I've got more weight on me. I have stretch marks, and in the beginning, I really had to have a lot of conversations with myself and tell myself, 'OK, new body, new mindset.'

''But after this photo shoot, I felt so empowered because I was like, 'Yes. I look good. I feel good. This is my new mom bod.'''