Ashley Graham likes to "hold on" to her fashion staples.

The 33-year-old model still owns a pair of Helmut Lang heels she first bought when she was just 18 years old as she finds it difficult to let go of her beloved fashion pieces.

Asked what's the oldest thing in her wardrobe, she told Sunday Life: "I tend to hold on to things. The oldest is a pair of strappy Helmut Lang heels I got when I was 18. I’m 33, so you do the math."

Ashley recalled her first fashion memory was when her mother would reward her good grades with a shopping spree, which sprung her love for clothes and wardrobe stapbles.

She explained: "You know how kids get rewarded with money or food? When my sisters and I made good grades, our mom would take us to the mall. We could shop wherever we wanted and buy a certain amount of money’s worth of clothes. I would make good grades just to get the mall with my mom. It wasn’t always the easiest, because not everyone had my size, but it was one of my favourite things to do with her."

Now, the plus-size model opts for a more "relaxed" style as she ensures she has three essential items in her wardrobe.

She said: "A classic white top: a button-down is always helpful for breastfeeding. Matching sweatsuits. And Commonry leather pants – they’re perfection. If, like me, you have ever been afraid of a leather pant because they always look like a diaper, you have to have them."

However, Ashley admitted that likes to dress down for a chilled Sunday at home by wearing "big granny panties".

She added: "Definitely a pair of big granny panties and a cosy oversized sweatshirt."