Ashley Graham has only just started to feel like herself again just over three months after giving birth.

The 32-year-old model - who gave birth to son Isaac in January - is back in her hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, and she admitted it has taken her time to get back to a feeling of normality.

Alongside a workout video on Instagram, she wrote: ''13 weeks postpartum and I'm starting to sort of feel like myself again after giving birth.

''New mamas - how many weeks postpartum are you? What are you doing to feel like yourself again?''

Ashley drove from New York City to Nebraska last month on the advice of her mother, and while she was initially sceptical about the idea she knows it was the right decision.

She recently said: ''When the news started coming in about the COVID-19 pandemic, my mom decided for us to go back to my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. She said, 'Well, why don't we just drive. We can go to my house.'

''Everyone was sceptical: 'Drive to Nebraska? That's 20 hours!' But it was actually the right decision for us, because we could spend time not only with her but my husband Justin [Ervin's] parents, who met us here a week later. It's been nice to have family around us; we're fortunate enough to have this base. I have my New York coffee mug right in front of me, and I am missing the city and my friends, but I'm glad we came.''

Meanwhile, she has tried to focus on the positives during the lockdown, explaining that she would have returned to work from maternity leave had it not been for the global pandemic.

She added: ''I'm having that time that I wouldn't have been able to have. I'm incredibly blessed.''