Ashley Graham has joined forces with Spotify to launch a new podcast series.

The 32-year-old model's new three-part series will be called 'Listen Up with Ashley Graham' and the show will see the brunette beauty explore a range of different issues, including motherhood.

Ashley - who has Isaac, seven months, with husband Justin Ervin - said: ''I'm so excited to be teaming up with Spotify to host 'Listen Up With Ashley Graham', where I'll be discussing my favourite podcasts with fellow podcast-lovers and diving into topics that are of interest to me.

''I've been listening to so many great podcasts while at home in Nebraska - they are the perfect backdrop for my skating strolls with Isaac or when I need some solo time away from the family (everyone needs a break these days!).''

The model - who already hosts the 'Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham' podcast - is set to stream the first discussion of 'Listen Up with Ashley Graham' on Instagram Live on August 26.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Ashley admitted she's been ''in heaven'' since becoming a mother.

The model - who has been married to Justin since 2010 - is loving the challenge of parenthood and described her baby boy as cute, sweet, and happy.

She said: ''I am in heaven. I love being a momma. He is so cute and so sweet and so happy.''

Ashley also revealed that she and Justin chose to name their son Isaac because the moniker means ''laughter''.

The curvaceous star shared: ''When my husband and I were naming him, Isaac means laughter, and we just really wanted a happy, laughing baby - and sure enough we got him.''