Ashley Graham suffered hair loss after the birth of her son.

The 33-year-old model - who has 11-month-old Isaac with husband Justin Ervin - has revealed her body changed dramatically after the birth, meaning she lost her hair.

In a video chat with Skin School, she said: "After I had Isaac, and I'm sure that your body changed - like, it just does no matter what something on you is going to change after you have a baby - and mine my hair. My hairline fell out and my skin got a little more sensitive and red."

However, Ashley admitted she never really took care of her skin until she started getting regular campaign work as she thought she would ruin the shoot if she got a zit.

She explained: "I never thought about [skin] prep before a job until I started getting that one random zit that I couldn’t help but pop and when I popped it, it turned into a scab and I was like ‘What am I doing, why am I getting these zits?'"

From then on, the model knew she had to start developing a skin care routine and vowed to cleanse her face every night before she went to sleep.

She added: “This is going to ruin this campaign that I’m shooting,’ so I started making sure that no matter what, I was going to wash my face before I went to bed.”

Although her biggest life lesson and advice to others is to always ask someone older whether you are suffering with body issues or mental health.

She said: “The best thing you can do no matter what you are going through - whether it’s a body issue, mental health issue, a relationship issue, school, job, work - is to ask someone older than you, ask them for advice and ask for help. Just remember you are not alone in any of these situations.”