Ashley Graham's pregnancy has made her feel sexier.

The model is expecting her first child with her husband Justin Ervin and she is embracing ''all the changes'' that her body is going through.

Speaking as she posed for Marina Rinaldi's new Spring/Summer 2020 collection, she said: ''I'm accepting all the changes that my body is going through over the months and now, more than ever, I have a sense of the super powers that being a woman gives me. There is a totally natural change going on inside of me and I feel brave, beautiful, and that I just keep getting stronger.''

Meanwhile, Ashley previously revealed she has gained 50 lbs since she became pregnant but she doesn't care about her weight gain.

The 32-year-old model said: ''Throughout my pregnancy so far I've gained 50lbs. And the best part is, I don't care! I have never felt better, and I am so thankful that my body and son have allowed me to be as mobile and flexible as I have been. Between working out, yoga, acupuncture and lymphatic massages- I finally feel like I figured out this whole pregnancy thing and how to feel my best. (sic)''

And Ashley has admitted a ''rollercoaster of emotions'' over her pregnancy figure.

She said: ''I have had really terrible days, I've really good days.

''I mean everybody can tell you how cute your bump is, but when your body is changing so rapidly it's like, you kind of have to succumb to it.''