Ashley Graham's "whole hairline fell out" after she had a baby.

The model has recalled how four months after she gave birth to her son Isaac, she experienced some hair loss and is now slowly starting to see it grow back.

Speaking about her haircare routine, she said: "I go to sleep with my hair wet. I part it down the middle and then douse my head with John Frieda Dream Curls. I’ve been using it since I was 15 years old. This is the only way I can get a full head of hair when I wake up in the morning ... In the morning, I have slightly frizzy waves. I have this finishing gel by Vientti. Four months postpartum my whole hairline fell out, and now I have a bunch of cowlicks from all the baby hair growing in. This gel isn’t too thick, and it tames my centre part. It can be so heartbreaking when you’re looking at your child, and he’s so healthy and adorable, and then you look at yourself, and you’re, like, what is happening to me? These are things women go through!"

And the 32-year-old model likes to emulate Tracee Ellis Ross' skin-care routine.

She added to the New York Times newspaper: "I like to use skin-care products that my skin idols use. Tracee Ellis Ross, her skin looks phenomenal. She’s on Skinceuticals right now, so I’m on Skinceuticals right now. I’ve been using the Phloretin CF serum. It’s stinky, but again because it stinks, I know it’s working, ha! I also use the vitamin C serum and the Triple Restore moisturizer. It’s ah-mazing. Sometimes I use the Restore lip stuff. It tastes disgusting, but I think it’s helping my lips.

"Through quarantine, I’ve been eating whatever I want. That’s probably why I’ve been getting acne on my forehead. I use my Mario Badescu drying solution only after my Dr. Pimple Popper picking kit. If you’ve ever used a lancer on yourself, this is addictive! You have to be OK with poking a needle in your face, but I’m really good at it."