Ashley Graham has been ''in heaven'' since becoming a mother.

The 32-year-old model gave birth to her first child, Isaac, in January this year, and has said she couldn't be happier with life as a mother, as she praised her son - whom she has with her husband Justin Ervin - as ''cute, sweet, and happy''.

She said: ''I am in heaven. I love being a momma. He is so cute and so sweet and so happy.''

Ashley said she and her spouse chose to name their son Isaac because the moniker means ''laughter'', and feels blessed to have a baby who embodies the name entirely.

She added: ''When my husband and I were naming him, Isaac means laughter, and we just really wanted a happy, laughing baby - and sure enough we got him.''

And the model also said she feels thankful amid the coronavirus pandemic, as the lockdown means she has been able to spend more time with her family.

Speaking to the 'Today' show, she said: ''The biggest blessing out of all of this is that I get to spend this time with him that I never would have been able to carve out for myself.''

Meanwhile, Ashley recently said ''mommy-shaming'' on social media is ''out of control'', as she's always being bombarded with ''unsolicited advice'' from people who think they know how to raise her child.

She said: ''I remember how I felt when everybody told me what to do and sent me their unsolicited advice and their lists. If there's a question to be asked, ask it. But other than that, keep your trap shut and just let that mother figure it out. The mommy-shaming on social media is out of control.''

And because she knows how irritating it can be to be mommy-shamed, Ashley knows to ''stop [her]self'' whenever she gets the urge to give her own advice to new mothers.

She added: ''Everybody has an opinion, right? But I just kind of did what I wanted to do.''