Actress Ashley Greene has been left terrified of showering when she's home alone after watching Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller Psycho.
The Twilight star admits she has been emotionally scarred ever since witnessing the famous shower scene, in which actress Janet Leigh is stabbed to death as she bathes herself.
But Greene had reason to be scared when she finally mustered up the courage to shower in an empty house - because there was a sudden power cut.
She tells WENN, "I had this weird thing about showering at night after seeing Psycho. I had to do it one night when my parents weren't home and the power went out and I was terrified. I literally climbed out the window and ran to my friend's house...
"What are the odds the one time I take a shower alone something happens? I was like, 'Alright I'm going to be adult about this,' and the power goes out and it's pitch black and no one's home!"
And the late night bath time fright has provided her family with a great source of entertainment ever since.
She says, "My parents and my brother do a great job of not letting me live that down!"