Ashley James says it was never her ''dream'' to become a mom.

The presenter and DJ is expecting her first child - a baby boy with her partner Tom Andrews - but she has confessed that motherhood was never something she considered and if it was ''planned'', she would unlikely to be having a kid.

She said: ''It has never been my dream to be a mum. I don't coo over other people's children, especially if I don't know them. I feel like I don't want to lose my identity when I become a mum. For me to be the best mum is for me to still be who I am. That's why I'm happy it's been taken out of my hands because if it came down to planning, I don't know if I ever would have.''

And whilst Ashley wouldn't describe herself to be ''maternal'', she insists her child will still be incredibly loved.

She added: ''I'm still very career focused and I like to invest time in my friends, having children shouldn't mean you have to change. When I said I wasn't maternal a lot of people were like, 'Good luck bringing up a child if you're not going to care for it.' I have no doubt that this baby is going to be so loved. You can still love your child & be an amazing mum without it having been a dream.''

Meanwhile, Ashley insists she won't be pressured to rush to get back to her pre-baby weight after she's given birth.

She told the MailOnline: ''I hate the term 'getting your body back'. We have a body regardless of how it looks. It makes me sad that there's a pressure for women to 'snap back' or whatever the term is.

''My weight has fluctuated throughout the years and being my skinniest was not my happiest. I am looking forward to being able to do personal trainer sessions post birth but it won't be me ... my baby comes first. I won't punish myself about how my body has changed, it is not a priority for me.''