Ashley James was rushed to hospital with the ''worst pain''.

The 33-year-old DJ and influencer - who is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Tommy - was sent to be looked over as a precaution but she was soon able to return home.

She shared on Instagram: ''Eventful night to mark 23 weeks. Suffered the worst pain down my left side. A call to 111 resulted in an ambulance and now I'm in the maternity ward of mu hospital. Lucky baby is ok and I've heard his little heart. Tommy's not allowed in due to Covid but has waited outside all evening. I'm doing much better but just awaiting tests results. Very very grateful to the NHS, especially my amazing ambulance duo.''

Before later adding: ''And I'm out of hospital. Thank you for all for the love, everything is well. I'm ok and most importantly baby's ok, I've just got to rest now. The NHS were just amazing. Also shout out to this guy [Tommy] who waited 10 hours outside of the hospital despite me telling him to go home and sleep.''

And Ashley admits she still finds it a ''novelty'' to have a boyfriend, as she praised him for waiting outside the hospital for 10 hours as he wasn't allowed in due to coronavirus restrictions.

Speaking about her partner, she said: ''I got so used to being single and just doing stuff on my own. It was still such a novelty to have a boyfriend ... Before, I couldn't get a text back ... It's just such a foreign concept and novelty that somebody would wait outside the hospital for so long. Long may it last.''