Ashley Monroe is finally here with her new album 'Like A Rose' which marks a milestone in the country singer's music career.

The Pistol Annies singer releases her new solo album 'Like A Rose' today (March 5th 2013) and told The Associated Press that, 'I'm just now learning that there is a master plan'. 'There's been many times where I've looked up at the sky and thought, 'Really? What am I doing? What am I supposed to be doing?' But now I'm seeing all the good and the bad that I've lived and experienced just kind of come together', she added. Her previous solo effort, album 'Satisfied' flopped badly though her other work with bandmate Miranda Lambert in Pistol Annies has been moderately successful since they formed in 2011 with their debut album 'Hell on Heels' topping the US Country chart. 

The Pistol Annies are set to release their second album in the Spring of 2013, while Monroe is set to tour with the band Train after dueting with singer Pat Monahan on 'Bruises'. 'It's crazy', Monroe said of her career achievments. 'It blows my mind. But it also makes me happy because it's bringing all these things together.'