Ashley Roberts lost four pounds at a military fitness camp.

The 33-year-old former Pussycat Doll spent a week at No 1 Boot Camp in Ibiza where she enjoyed yoga sessions along circuits on the beach including bar bell curls, medicine ball sit ups, Russian twists, kettle weight squats and press-ups.

While people can expect to lose one pound per day at the camp, Ashley wanted to focus on toning up and putting on muscle.

Ashley explained: ''I wanted to get my ass kicked! I told them to go really hard on me.

''That way, I'll be in great shape when I leave but also have a diet and exercise regime that I can continue using when I am at home so I can feel fabulous for a long time afterwards.''

Instructor Ricki Parcell said: ''Ashley was in phenomenal shape - we were just working on getting her a little firmer. She was a brilliant boot camper - very highly motivated.''

Although Ashley had a strict diet at the boot camp, she insisted it was ''paradise'' in comparison to her time on reality TV show 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!'

She said: ''The food in the jungle is absolutely atrocious and we had to cook our own meat.

''No 1 Boot Camp is paradise in comparison. The food is really low-fat and tastes divine. You can stay full but lose weight at the same time.''

And while Ashley - who was photographed for No 1 Boot Camp by Max Lawless - is keeping mum on Pussycat Doll reunion reports, she will be in fantastic shape if they decide to reform.

She said: ''I've not received a call yet but never say never.''