Ashley Roberts has a ''hugging guru''.

The pop beauty sees someone for cuddling therapy to rid herself of ''negative energy'' and she insists she always feels much better afterwards.

Speaking to the Sunday Express newspaper, Ashley said: ''I'm very good at meditating, which I try to do every day. I have a ritual every morning where I do my meditation and visualisation then I give thanks and send love to my family and friends. I also have a hugging guru, Amma, who I've followed for five years. She clears negative energy with blessed hugs.''

The 'Clockwork' singer admitted the love of her life is her pet pooch Cooper and she changes her plans to fit in around the life of her pet.

She revealed: ''My greatest weakness is ... my dog. He's a Maltese called Cooper and I love him to pieces. Sometimes he interrupts my life a bit because I have to go home and make sure he's OK, but he's my best friend. I've travelled all round the world and done so many things, and he's just there by my side - which is amazing with my family and friends being so spread out.''

Ashley does have a lot of human friends and she considers her former Pussycat Dolls bandmate Kimberley Wyatt to be one of her best pals.

She explained: ''I have two best friends - the dancer and choreographer Bobby Newberry and my former bandmate Kimberley Wyatt. I've known them both for many years. I've got a nickname as well, the girls in the Dolls used to call me Shrash, then it became Shrish Shri, and finally Shri Shri.''