Ashley Tisdale finds it "incredibly scary" to be starring in a TV show based on her own marriage.

The 'High School Musical' actress makes her return to acting in 'Brutally Honest' and admitted she feels "vulnerable" to share the ups and downs she and Christopher French have experienced since their 19-month-old daughter Juniper was born in the CBS sitcom.

Ashley - who is also a producer on the show - revealed on her Instagram Story: "It's, like, incredibly scary that this show is based off of me and my husband's relationship and having a baby — and how that changed ... all those conversations. It's so scary because it's so vulnerable, but also, when I look back at these arguments and fights that we've been in — just stuff that we go through — it's really funny.

"It's real life s*** that's gonna be in this."

The 37-year-old star took a break from acting to have her daughter and has found her time off to be a "creative and inspiring" time.

She said: "I have been asked so many times, 'When are you coming back to acting?' or 'What is your favourite dream role?' It's just amazing when you kind of take a step back. The last couple years have just been so creative and inspiring. My daughter inspires so much of everything going on in my life. And my relationship truly inspired this show, so I am just so excited."

The ‘He Said She Said’ hitmaker admitted in March 2021 that she was ‘excited” to become a mother to a daughter.

Ashley said: "I was obviously excited because I definitely wanted a girl, for sure. But I am also someone who goes with the flow on a lot of stuff. I try to not have expectations in moments like that and just allow what is meant to be. I was very excited. I think my husband definitely was scared — he looked a little scared in the pictures!"