Ashton Kutcher has been working on his attitude for years now, and recent performances suggest he’s ready to be taken seriously as an actor and a celebrity. Gone are the bratty outbreaks that regularly made the news during his Punked days.

Or are they? Reports from TMX suggest the One And A Half Men star was involved in a macho-off-style shoving match with a security guard at the Stagecoach Music Festival, an outdoor country music concert held on the Indio Polo Grounds. Apparently, it all kicked off when a woman approached Kutcher in the VIP area while he was watching NIck 13 and Dwight Yoakam perform. When Kutcher attempted to greet this woman, the security guard had other ideas; he stepped in and that’s when the shoving commenced. It got aggressive before Kutcher’s buddies stepped in to break things up, but the security dude still wanted the 6”2 celeb ejected from the premises. Not that it mattered, though, as Kutcher decided to hightail it and leave of his own accord – perhaps earning some maturity points in doing so.

Ashton KutcherKutcher shows his support for the people of Boston after the bombings

Later on this year, Kutcher will be appearing in probably his most ‘serious’ role yet as the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in jOBS. He’s also been in London recently, strolling through Hampstead village to visit his girlfriend, Mila Kunis. She’s in the English capital filming the Wachowski's new science fiction film Jupiter Ascending.