How appropriate that the Ashton Kutcher starrer Jobs would be the world’s first movie to release an instagram trailer. Far from your average selfie in the mirror – yes, people do that with the video feature as well – the fifteen second video is a montage of slo-mo shots of Kutcher, set to an inspirational voiceover and dramatic score (no filter). As trailers go, it doesn’t really reveal anything new about the film’s plot or character, though the innovative format would probably fit nicely with the late Steve Jobs’s ethos of innovation.

Ashton Kutcher, London
Kutcher himself is the trailer's main focus.

Considering the fact that the 15-second clip offers no revelations about the movie itself, it doesn’t seem likely that this will become a trend. It certainly won’t replace extended trailers anytime soon. Then again, attention spans are shrinking and a lot of people have said a lot of nice things about the brief clip, so maybe this is the future of cinema? The very, very distant future hopefully.

It’s an interesting move by the marketing execs over at Open Road, though, with unfavorable reviews so far, it doesn’t seem likely that even this will get people to pay attention to Jobs. And to be completely fair, the idea seems strongly reminiscent of Fox’s six-second Wolverine trailer, released on Vine earlier this year. Somehow, we can’t help, but think that Steve Jobs would probably have opted for Vine himself.

Ashton Kutcher, The Apollo Theatre
He does make a great Jobs lookalike though.