Actor Ashton Kutcher has become the butt of jokes among his Hollywood pals - because old footage of him having his buttocks signed has resurfaced.

The JUST MARRIED star, currently dating STRIPTEASE stunner Demi Moore, gladly lowered his underwear for an adoring female fan at the MTV SPORTS + MUSIC FESTIVAL in America's gambling capital Las Vegas a few years ago, after losing a round of Truth or Dare with TV personality Carson Daly.

And the brief footage, which was taken when Kutcher was a lesser-known actor, was flashed across America yesterday (04AUG03) - much to the embarrassment to the star - during video countdown show TOTAL REQUEST LIVE (TRL).

Hilarie Burton, one of TRL's co-hosts, laughs, "It just goes to show, literally, if you do anything on MTV it can come back to bite you in the ass."

05/08/2003 09:22