Officials in the Big Apple vowed to impose limits on the number of cars Uber bosses could utilise in the city amid a dispute over fears the introduction of more taxis would lead to increased pollution and congestion.

The plan has since been dropped in return for a cap on the firm's annual growth, and a number of stars have spoken out to back Uber and demand politicians stop meddling.

In a lengthy post on his page, Kutcher writes, "I am beside myself with the regulation that Mayor (Bill) De Blasio is trying to force upon Uber and the citizens of NYC. He clearly has his pockets lined by the cab co's (sic). He talks about discrimination, but has no idea how hard it is for ethnic people to get a cab. He talks about protecting drivers but has no idea about the people who drive for Uber to subsidise their income. He talks about congestion but doesn't even recognise that Uber is a fraction of a fraction of the traffic in the city... This is the kind of corrupt shortsighted politics that is destroying innovation."

Harris sent a tweet aimed at Mayor de Blasio, writing, "25K new residents use Uber NYC each week. How is a fixed # (number) of cars supposed to serve this demand for rides? #UberMovesNYC (sic)."

Upton also tweeted the mayor, adding, "Why do you want to return to days when only those in Midtown & Lower Manhattan could get a ride? #UberMovesNYC."

Dance star Moby adds, "I'm still confused as to why people like @BilldeBlasio dislike Uber? I use Uber all the time, it's convenient and great... I have no affiliation at all with Uber I just think it's great... And of course taxi companies hate Uber the same way record companies hate itunes and Spotify the past rarely embraces the future."

After hearing the plan to limit Uber's cars had been dropped, Kutcher added, "Democracy wins."