The last film to be unveiled at the Sundance Film Festival has been the long-awaited Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, starring Ashton Kutcher and Kutcher has had a few things to say about his role at the premier last night (Jan 25).

It might suffer from the syndrome of the unoriginal title, but as far as biographies go, this one sounds pretty good. The film spans Steve Jobs’s (Ashton Kutcher) life and career from the founding of Apple in 1970 up until the launch of the first iPod in 2001. At the unveiling of the film, Kutcher gushed about his respect and admiration for Jobs, as well as the challenges he faced with the part.

“It's really scary when everyone has a right to be like a legitimate critic. Because he was very public. There are people here who probably know him way better than I do, who shook his hand, knew him, hung out with him. So that's terrifying. Especially when you're playing somebody that people really admired," said Kutcher, quoted by the Telegraph. The actor also talked about his intense preparation for the demanding role. He explained that he had to watch hours of footage and interviews with the entrepreneur, as well as talk to a number of the late Jobs’s friends, in order to get the tone exactly right.

Jobs was certainly an interesting character, and with the timing and subject matter, there is little doubt that there will be some comparisons between this and the highly acclaimed The Social Network from 2011. jOBS doesn’t have a concrete release date of yet, but it will certainly hit theatres in the next few months.