Aston Merrygold was ''a mess'' following the birth of his second son.

The JLS singer and his fiancee, Sarah Louise Richards, welcomed baby Macaulay into the world on 5 June and he's recalled the ''priceless'' feeling of learning they had another boy, a brother for two-year-old Grayson.

Discussing learning Sarah had given birth to another boy, Aston said: ''It's so hard to put into words.

''When I try to describe that feeling, I really can't. You can say it's amazing or euphoric but it's more than that. You are seeing life being born, and to then find out the sex of the child is an extra surprise.

''We did the same with Grayson. You can't buy those feelings. It's priceless.''

Asked if he cried, Aston added: ''I was a mess!''

Grayson is already enjoying being a big brother, but quickly loses interest in the baby.

Aston told the new issue of Britain's OK! magazine: ''He does like it. He comes over and says, 'Where's baby? Where's 'Caulay?' If he's crying, he says, 'Caulay, what's wrong?'

''But if we lay him down, Grayson will come over and be interested for maybe a minute or two, then he's like, 'You don't do anything, I am going to play.' ''

The couple - who got engaged in December 2017 after six years together - feel their family is now complete and aren't planning more children.

Sarah said: ''I'm thinking two is wonderful. We never say never. Babies and children are incredible, but right now, we're good. And we don't need another car yet!''

Aston added: ''Two is good.''

As soon as guidelines in place due to the coronavirus pandemic are lifted, the couple want to start planning their wedding.

Aston said: ''We would love to do it sooner rather than later, but the time we're in makes it difficult. We have so many friends that have had to postpone.''

Sarah added: ''We said we'd do it before, but then we got pregnant with Macaulay. We definitely want to do it as soon as possible once lockdown is over. As soon as we are allowed to get something booked in, we'll do it.''