Aston Merrygold's fans write messages ''on stones'' and leave them at his house.

The former JLS star - who recently launched his own solo career - has revealed a lot of his fans know where he lives and like to leave him messages in a very unique way.

Asked if he still gets crazy fans, he said: ''They know where I live - fans knock on my door all the time. They like to write on stones and leave them where my gate is.''

The 27-year-old heartthrob is still close friends with his former bandmates Marvin Humes, Ortise Williams and J.B. Gill but insists if they had all tried to make it as solo artists there would definitely have been more competition.

Quizzed on whether there's any rivalry between them, he told Britain's Now magazine: ''Not really, but we're all pretty competitive so I'm sure if we all released music on the same day we'd all be like, 'I want to win this'. But we'd just turn it into a banter-fest!''

And although the 'Get Stupid' singer misses working with his bandmates, he's enjoying doing something new.

He added: ''Its obviously really different, but it's good. Change is always good. I get to do everything I did with the band and relive it.''