Oh Girls Aloud, you have a lot to answer for. Since the UK’s favourite girl band decided to get back together and start releasing mediocre singles to top up their monthly salaries for a while, it was inevitable that some of the UK’s less favourite girl bands would follow suit, desperate for a slice of the pie. First in line are Atomic Kitten. If you’re too young to remember Atomic Kitten, they were famous for… well… they’re pretty much famous for having once counted Kerry Katona in their line-up. She left the band to pursue a career in reality TV shows, a life of public breakdowns and half-hearted comebacks Oh, and some embarrassing adverts for a frozen food store.

The Daily Mirror have snapped the original Atomic Kitten line-up exiting a recording studio in Liverpool. Frankly, it’s a terrifying sight. The trio of Liz McClarnon, Natasha and (yup) Kerry Katona are all manic glares, with Katona’s skin somehow matching the colour of Hamilton’s auburn hair. We simply can’t imagine what kind of music this fearsome trio will be concocting together. It’s 11 years since they last worked together. Jenny Frost had originally said that a reunion was going to happen without Kerry, but there she is, orange as the day she was born.

We can only speculate as to whether or not Frosts’s nose has been put out of joint by Kerry’s inclusion in the reunion. Perhaps she’s planning to leave, as she did before, and let Jenny join again, like some kind of terrible Atomic Kitten-themed Groundhog Day. Let’s not forget that the band never got a number one until Jenny joined and they released ‘Whole Again.’ Ah, yes. ‘Whole Again.’ We remember one of their songs now. 

Relive the joy / horror of Atomic Kitten, back in the day...