Tardar Sauce, better known around the internet as Grumpy Cat might look like the most annoyed, over-it-all animal to ever walk the earth, but don’t let it ever be said that she isn’t good to her fans – or the press for that matter. Ahead of her new movie – Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever – the perpetually dour cat hit San Francisco, did 11 interviews with various news outlets and, of course, a meet and greet with some of her 7 million+ devoted fans.

Grumpy Cat
She might only have one facial expression, but it's pretty priceless.

The event was intended to coincide with Macy’s Holiday Windows, an annual event where adoptable cats and dogs are showcased in the department store's windows. Tardar Sauce (which, bar the borderline slur, might be an even better name than Grumpy Cat), even posed – posed – for some photos with her adoring fans. Forgetting the fact that she only actually has about one pose, this might be the cutest thing you’ve read all week.

10 Days until TheWorstMovieOfAllTime.com #WorstChristmasEver #GrumpyCat #Christmas

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Tardar Sauce had very little – nothing, in fact – to say to reporters asking her about her new movie. We can put that down to her being the strong, silent type. Or, you know, the fact that she’s a cat. According to USA Today, however, she did enjoy a brief scratch between the ears, which went on to make national and now, international news. And that’s how you know it’s the holiday season.