Review of Doesn't Remind Me Single by Audioslave

Doesn't Remind Me
Single Review

Audioslave Doesn't Remind Me Single

Oh, Audioslave. Why doesn't it work? I want it to work. It should work. But this bird just don't fly. Nothing in the world can detract from Chris Cornell's unsurpassable voice. The man could sing nursery rhymes and sound like a rock god. Somehow he manages to sound velvety smooth and ruggedly gritty in equal parts. That said, Audioslave's second album, Out of Exile, was a disappointingly mediocre offering and this is a strange choice to be lifted as a single. It's dad-rock with a dash of country style and has a definite whiff of album-filler about it. Soundgarden crossed with Rage Against the Machine should be coming up with better stuff than this.

Sharon Edge

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