Audrina Patridge has left Bongo to concentrate on her own designs.

The reality TV star is stepping down as a spokesmodel for the brand after two years and while she has had a good time working with the company, she is looking forward to going it alone.

She said: "Nothing lasts forever, so it's all good. It's been two years, so it's almost like a little family. The whole crew has been amazing - they made it really fun for me to work with them and travel. They were always so creative and they always made it special.

"I'm already looking into either lingerie or bikinis. I'm really excited about that."

Audrina also offered her tips for party style over the festive period, advising to "go all the way" with elaborate outfits.

She told People: "[Festive] clothes are all about sparkles. You have to be festive. If you're going to dress up or you're going to decorate, you go all the way. I'll always add sparkly jewellery and red lips."

When it comes to dressing for New Year's Eve, Audrina suggests upping the fun factor with lots of glitter.

She added: "Whether it's a sequin dress or sequin skirt, or leggings or something like that, it's fun. You can get away with making it a little more funky."