Review of CIRCLES (Cooking Vinyl) Album by Autumn Defense

The Autumn Defense - CIRCLES
The Autumn Defense - CIRCLES (Cooking Vinyl) Album Review

The Autumn Defense


(Cooking Vinyl)

Multi instrumentalist and ex Wilco member John Stirratt has produced an album packed with tenderness and feeling, that is the perfect tonic for all those sick to death of all the hype and falseness surrounding The Darkness and Jet. Aqualung style vocals and soothing instrumentals seep into the mind of the listener and help them melt away with this bittersweet offering.

The Autumn Defense - CIRCLES (Cooking Vinyl) Album Review

The stirring ‘Written In The Snow’ is a potential love anthem, which is a piano and acoustic based ode to romance featuring shameless heart on sleeve lyrics:

“I would die if I thought anyone would hurt you yes,

I would cry to think anyone could do something like that.

You’re the queen of the village green, the sort of thing you

hear from the insane”.

It is hard to get away with singing lyrics like the above without sounding condescending, but John carries it off with aplomb. The power of positive thinking is a theme that features prominently in this instrumentally colourful album, in tracks such as ‘The Sun In California’ and ‘The World (will soon turn our way). This is a neat album in which the instrumental variety is more reminiscent of summertime than autumn or fall.

David Adair